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How We Work

To make our cooperation useful and profitable for a client, offer several pricing models for a project development. Each of them has certain advantages and meets different clients needs and requirements. You can choose the one, which is appropriate exactly for your business goals and possibilities.

Dedicated Team Model

When you have a long-term project and need additional resources for its realization, you can get an experienced team of our professionals. These people will work exclusively for you. On the first stages, we discuss the monthly budget, that’s why the price will be quite predictable. You’ll have an interview with our developers and get their CVs before you choose the best candidates for the job. This team will work on your project as long as you need.

How it works:

  • you tell us about your needs and resources required for a project;
  • we offer you several candidates for your job, pointing their skills;
  • you have a interview with them and choose the most appropriate people for your project;
  • a dedicated team successfully works on your project.

In other cases, for example, if your project is short-term and your requirements are quite clear, you can choose the “fixed price” model. But if something should be changed in the process, it’s better to choose “time and material” model.

Time & Material Model

If you want to make some changes on a project and have many ideas that require improvement in process, this way will be useful for you. The model is very comfortable because of its flexibility. For example, you would like to get some website, but in the same time, you have a lot of ideas and want to implement them during the working process. In this case, you organise priorities and choose the steps which we should make first. After the finishing of the first mile, we proceed to the next stages of project realization and work until you get the desired qualitative result.

How it works:

  • you explain us details of your project and set a task;
  • we give you exhaustive information about the project steps;
  • you manage priorities and implement your ideas;
  • we work on your project as long as you need.

If you have the exact requirements and final goals, choose the “fixed price” model. In this case, the price will be determined and predictable at the beginning.

But if your project is long-term, and you need additional technical resources, find the benefits of a “dedicated team” model.

Fixed Price Model

This model is perfect for everyone who has a certain project and is sure in wished results. In this case, payment doesn’t depend on the number of resources and time spent on a project. We fix a price at the beginning, and it remains constant in case if you don’t change the number of features for your project.

How it works:

  • you explain us your wishes and requirements;
  • we consider a scope of work and divide it into milestones;
  • you get an estimate for a project with a fixed price;
  • if you are satisfied with the results, we shake hands.

If you don’t have special requirements and want to implement some new ideas, making changes during the working process, it’s better to choose another model, such as “time and material”.

If you have much to do on a project and need a large team for a process, the dedicated team model will be the best solution for you.

Models Comparison

CharacteristicsDedicated teamFixed PriceTime and Material
Plan of workFlexibleStrictFlexible
Scope of the project 1 month+ Up to 1 month A project of any size
Project durationLong-termShort-termLong-term
Average time to start1 week 4 weeks 1 week
ChangesAllowed Allowed with an additional cost Allowed with an additional cost
Work scheduleFull-time Upon agreementUpon agreement
Client’s involvementAdjustableLowHigh
Payment typePer monthFixed amountPer hour
Project managementAvailable by requestAvailableAvailable
Type of the teamDedicated developer(s)Upon agreement (backend / frontend developer + designer)Upon agreement (backend / frontend developer + designer)
SupportFull supportUpon agreementUpon agreement
Free trial8 hours8 hours8 hours


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