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Our Team

Each member of our team is a valuable specialist, and every one of us has a well-defined function in our work processes. We are always in constant communication with each other and we work together on various tasks and interesting projects. Our team consists of several departments. Each department is responsible for different parts of our workflow and does everything possible to ensure our clients’ happiness. This is the WEB4PRO team. Let’s get to know each other!

Sales Managers

When working with WEB4PRO, you will first meet with our sales managers. Together, you discuss the project, deciding on the requirements and details of this partnership. Our sales managers make quote and help you choose the most appropriate pricing method for your project. When all the details have been worked out and you decide to become our reliable partner, your project will be passed on to a responsible project manager. But before this, you’ll get:

  • complete information about working with WEB4PRO and a consultation;
  • open communication about your project;
  • our work plan and a clear estimate.

Project Managers (PMs)

These managers pay very close attention to each client’s goals and ideas. PMs control all the steps of a project, working in close communication with everyone involved in the project. They are ready to discuss any issues which may arise during the partnership. Each client is connected with a project manager and can always get in touch with them. You can be sure that your project is in safe hands. You’ll get:

  • clear and honest communication;
  • good control of the work process;
  • adherence to deadlines.


If you want an incredible and responsive web design or just beautiful website, these creative specialists will put their hearts into your project. Our designers follow the latest trends and principles of usability, using modern technologies and their talents. They always discuss mockups with clients and create the best design solution for their success. That’s what will make your website design look great. It will be:

  • user-friendly and well-designed;
  • attractive and modern;
  • created based on your wishes and ideas.

Backend Developers

If you need an Ecommerce web solution, a corporate website, or a beautiful blog, our experienced backend developers will help you out, and you’ll get a high-quality result. Our developers know everything about PHP, as well as modern CMSs and frameworks, such as Magento, WordPress, Drupal, and YII, and they choose their technology according to your business goals. They use different tools in order to make your project work in the best way and bring new visitors. Our experts know their businessthat’s why your website will be:

  • high-speed and optimized;
  • suitable to your business goals;
  • stable and secure.

Frontend Developers

This team’s main task is creating a unique web solution with a user-friendly and interactive interface. Our developers always plan design processes carefully and follow the principles of usability, coding in the most modern programming languages. With their expert approach, your website will work correctly across a variety of modern devices, operating systems, and browsers. It will be:

  • attractive and user-friendly;
  • dynamic and interactive;
  • responsive and modern.


Our QA specialist takes crucial steps in a project realization. Taking over the project from web developers, she checks it for bugs and tests the whole project. After attentive research and bug fixing, the project is usually ready for launching. QA provides:

  • careful checking for bugs;
  • testing of the whole project;
  • an expert view on the web development process.

Marketing Managers

Our marketing team helps clients learn more about WEB4PRO. They ensure our positive brand image and are always full of new ideas. Our marketing managers create much useful content that helps clients understand our technologies, share business experience and keep track of events. They provide:

  • interesting information and useful content;
  • the latest news about our company;
  • new ideas, distributed via email and social networks.

HR & Office Managers

These teams work together to maintain a supportive and friendly atmosphere and keep everything in order in our office. Our HR manager recruits the best and most professional specialists to our team. Our office manager maintains the best creative environment for our staff. Team-building activities, professional courses, self-development books, and exciting parties – they arrange everything. Thanks to them, we always get:

  • cleanliness and beautiful design in our office;
  • entertainment and other employee benefits;
  • a hospitable and comfortable atmosphere.